L4 Ventures is a home for blockchain technology startups. We offer funding, access to experts, hands-on mentorship, and other resources that help teams build and grow.

Blockchain technology and cryptoeconomic systems offer an opportunity to transform existing industries and create new kinds of decentralized businesses. The projects we support are building the infrastructure that will form the backbone of a new digital economy, creating products that solve real problems for users, and contributing to the state-of-the-art in cryptoeconomics.

L4 grew out of a collaboration between Ledger Labs, the leading Canadian blockchain consulting firm, and Blockgeeks Lab, the Toronto-based blockchain incubator and venture partner. Our team includes ethereum founders, leading blockchain technologists, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

We are looking to hire talent, fund startups, and bring "Hackers in Residence" into our Toronto headquarters. We are gathering a community of people who see past the hype, want to solve big problems, and share a long-term vision for a better, decentralized world.

If you want to be part of that community, we want to hear from you: info@l4v.io

L4 is:

Dmitry Buterin (linkedin)(@chiefapricot)
Ethan Wilding (linkedin)(@ethanwilding)
Jason Matthison (linkedin)(@jmatthison)
Jeff Coleman (@technocrypto)
Josh Stark (@0xstark)
Liam Horne (linkedin)(@liamihorne)
Richard Moore (@ricmoo)
Vitalik Buterin (@vitalikbuterin)

Interested in working with us?

We are hiring talented developers for a variety of positions - Send your CV/Resume to info@l4v.io

We are accepting applications from teams seeking funding & support - Apply here.

We are accepting applications for "Hackers in Residence" - Learn more here.


L4 Ventures

We are based in Toronto but work with global teams.